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Bio - Nina Theroux

Name: Nina Theroux
LJ: msninatheroux
Fandom: Alphas
Played by: Laura Mennell
Canon Break: Season 2, Episode When Push Comes to Shove
Ability: has the ability to override or "Push" other people's willpower and bend them to her own. She must establish eye contact for her power to be effective. She can't use her powers while the target is wearing sunglasses. It is implied that some people are immune to her ability. Gary Bell seems to be an example of this. Other Alphas with similar abilities are also hard to push. The cult leader, Jonas being another individual immune to Nina's pushing.
Bio: Alphas Wiki

Nina didn't go back to the team after waking up in the hospital. She was addicted to using her ability, but she knew that already. She always had. What she didn't realize was her feelings for Rachel had changed. She'd always thought of Rachel as a little sister, but all that changed when they kissed. Unable to handle that emotional connection, reluctant to force her will on Rachel, she left the team permanently.

This version of Nina is darker. She believes in taking what she wants, and she cares very little about who gets hurt in the process. I'd love for her to work with jimprofit or some other selfish bastard.

She's still got it bad for Rachel, but she can't push Auggie since he's blind. Should be interesting to see how that would play out.

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